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Monday, December 26, 2005

after 2 long months of NO posts..

haha.. at last! my latest post.. nyaha.. a lot of things happened for the past 2 months.. maybe i'll just post here the MAJOR happenings in seton and in my life too.. check it out..

[story of bigsis and lilsis..]
you're probably wondering who is bigsis and lilsis.. here's the story.. for a long period of time, i thought nessie doesn't like me.. on the other side, nessie feels the same way too.. we thought that we stare each other badly.. [maagas daw kasi ako.. but that's my normal way of stare to people..] until one day [that was nov.16], after class, nessie asked bea if i was angry to her.. of course bea asked me about it.. i replied no with a laugh coz why would i be angry to nessie with no apparent reason? then bea went to nessie and told everything..
after i went home, i called bea and talked for a while.. then i suddenly asked her:

vren: bea, bigyan ko kaya ng letter si nessie? para inde na nya ma-misunderstand yung tingin ko sa kanya.. para matapos na lahat.. hehe..

bea: onga! bigyan mo ng letter..

vren: ehh.. nahihiya ako..

bea: anu ka ba! dali na! e di ba matagal mo nang plano yan? gawin mo na..

vren: ocge.. basta agahan mo bukas.. ikaw na magbigay ng letter sa kanya..

next day.. i gave the letter to bea.. then gave it to nessie.. i never expected that right after the assembly.. she greeted and waved at me! [rock on!] from that day on.. we became close.. she ask me if she can call me bigsis.. i totally agreed! then i called her lilsis.. that's the cute and unique story of bigsis and lilsis.. *bow* moral lesson? first impressions don't last.. haha..

[academic week]
whew! aca week was so fun and cool despite those tiring and frustrating moments.. we had math fashion where aika gutierrez and jeriel fajutagana won 2nd place.. our mother seton musical play blew up in the last part because of the stupid sound system in the auditorium but still bagged 3rd place out of 7 sections.. we won first place in english mtv [creative category] and among the top 5 [social category]! woohoo! our reward? a much bonded ddn!

the sad thing about the fieldtrip is the mt. banahaw trip was cancelled because of NPA reasons.. instead, we had the trip on majayjay, laguna.. despite the change of location, it was super fun! we had our moments there.. the main attraction there was the majayjay falls where majority of us bathed in the cold falls! some of us were 'nanginginig'! haha! [aww.. how i miss those times..]

[3rd quarterly exam]
waah! exams were hard! well.. not all.. math and physics is of course hard no matter what.. haha.. oh well.. some of us are so excited in the xmas party and concert, they had a hard time studying! haha..

[xmas party and concert]
aww.. this is our last HS xmas party.. so we gave all that we could to have fun and to be a memorable one.. we had games, exchange gift, and more eating! haha!
the concert was okei.. spongecola and sugarfree performed in the gym.. but it was so hot! damn.. the grade 5 and 6 students were there.. just sitting around.. tsk.. it was fun when pandesal band performed.. [ordertaker! the best!] then sugarfree performed first.. ebe had a little frustration due to technical problems.. then spongecola was the last to perform.. pretty okei.. armo went wild! haha! while they were performing.. i went to dale just to hangout and to be with her for the first and last xmas dance.. [probably..] and.. there's a story to it.. but i'd rather not tell.. maybe its just between me and dale..
one thing on the concert.. student council should have combined the concert and the dance.. majority of those who attended did not have much fun..
another thing.. i got spongecola'a autograph! all of them! on my fave spongebob necktie! woohoo!

[ddn @ atc]
dec. 20 '05.. ddn [but not all of us..] just hangout at atc.. we missed each other! haha.. we ate, played bowling, and had a studio pic! haha! [check out my friendster account if you want to those awesome and wacky pics..]

[fave couple]
haha! who's our fave couple lilsis? nyaha.. we had a good, good conversation with my lil sis about the fave couple thing.. haha.. our messege?:goodluck and best wishes to the both of you! haha! [just between bigsis and lilsis.. to be safe..]

well, well.. another novel.. haha! ciao! post a comment for me! please oh please? thanks! ciao! (^^)

**intrams is getting near!**

Thursday, November 03, 2005


hai.. its been a while.. maybe i need to update this again.. anyway, i have a lot of stories to tell.. haha..

**last october 22, LAPSAA Badminton Competition was held in the DLA gym with 8 or 9 participating schools all over las pinas.. some of which are Divine Light Academy, Augustinian Abbey School, St. Francis of Assisi College System, St. Anthony School, Blessed Trinity School, St. Therese School, and St. Mark's Institute. There were 2 brackets.. good thing we did not have the same brackets with DLA.. it was a clean sweep from singles girls and boys to doubles girls and boys.. in the finals DLA and Seton competed in all divisions.. singles girls was captured by our very own maita bernardo.. runner-ups were singles boys division jeric martinez, doubles girls aizel dalawampu and dale villaceran, and doubles boys ennison ducanes and nikko huelgas. mixed doubles will be after sembreak [no specific date yet].. that's where my division is.. my partner is sid baustista.. hopefully.. hehe.. we all went home happy..

**october 23.. UST exams day.. i did not review on anything or whatsoever because of the whole day competition.. i was so nervous simply because nothing is stuck in my head.. so how did i answered the entrance exam? well.. we [setonians] never expected the test to be that easy.. seriously.. i answered all the questions.. only minimal wise guesses.. we left UST with happy faces because we were confident that we can pass there..

**october 27.. card day.. well.. my grades are good.. except for tle.. 9 points was deducted man! [i wouldn't tell what my grade is..] well.. all my 4 major subjects increased.. especially math! 6 points! thanks to sir iean, my fave subject now is math!

**october 28.. mtv shooting at mina's house.. we had fun.. really enjoyed it.. played a bit of basketball.. [aww.. how i miss playing basketball..] pero kinabukasan..

**october 29.. i got sick.. awfully.. i did not have the guts to get up simply because my body was so weak.. everytime i stand up, my vision went whirling around.. i even experienced black-out.. i did not eat much.. that's why i think i became thin..

**october 30.. bday ni dale.. haha.. wala lang.. happy birthday doodee koh! (^^)

**october 31.. at least now i okei.. but still i can feel the aftermath of my weakness.. i still eat little.. a very abnormal side of me..

**november 3.. yeah! driving lessons! at first i was excited but accompanied with nervous.. but while driving the car, i was whispering to myself, "i can believe it.. i can actually drive!" though at times the engine turns off.. haha.. its normal for beginners.. well.. i can't wait for tomorrow!

well that's it for now.. ciao! (^^)

Friday, October 14, 2005

back again..

well well well.. its been a long time since my last post here.. a lot of things happened these past few days.. what are these? well.. read on..

*first was the 2nd qtr exams.. it was hard! really! grr..*

*next was the dlsu entrance exam.. ang hirap den! huhu! i hope i will pass that exam.. it will be embarassing if i will not pass.. huhu..*

*the results of my exams! well.. i failed in computer.. but good thing i passed in physics [for the first time!].. haha!*

*we have an upcoming competition on oct. 22! LAPSAA and the other one, according to our coach, is sponsored by san miguel corp. waw! talk about that! this will be my first and last chance.. its now or never!*

*alright! my new car has finally arrived! woohoo! driving lessons, here i go!*

these are the recent events that happened to me.. hmm.. i dont have to say anthing right now.. ciao! (^^)

**yeah! my bday is getting near! oct. 18! (^^)**

Sunday, October 02, 2005


well, well, well.. dad spoiled me these past few days! haha! iba na talaga pag nandito si dad! imagine.. he gave me his brand new laptop [which i'm currently using..], laptop bag, lotsa food! [lays, pringles, ferrero.. yumm!], and a badmin bag worth 2 thou! talk about that.. well.. in the next few weeks, i'll own the car! yeah! [driving lessons, here i go!] once a year naman kasi umuwi si dad eh.. ganyan talaga.. oh well, papa God showered me with soooooo much blessings..

anway, back to emOde.. just read my last post before this.. [emOde.. oct. 1 '05].. i'll be out of the net for a week because of the exams.. ciao! (^^)

Saturday, October 01, 2005


hei.. just copied this from my profile in friendster.. just want to describe what am i going through these past few days.. so down and depressed.. wish someone will come running to me and comfort me.. hai.. anyway, here it is..

i'm caught in between two worlds.. don't know where to go, where to run, where to hide from all of this.. wish this is a nightmare.. if this is a nightmare, someone.. please.. wake me up really hard.. before it gets my whole being.. dakara.. this isn't a dream, not even a nightmare.. this is reality.. i'm awake, but the truth is still sleeping.. [emOde]

i'm just like anybody else in this world.. just passing by in this world.. anytime, anywhere, pwede ako kunin ni papa God.. iiwan ko den pala sila.. worst part is, if i went straight to the Paradise, wala pala lahat ng mahal ko dun.. [emOde again]

that's it for now.. hafta go.. exams na! oh no! physics! waaah! hehe.. it's studying time! ciao! (^^)

**oi! lapet na bday ko! oct. 18! woohoo!**

Sunday, September 25, 2005

badmin player's prayer


By: Henry C. Daut

LORD, bless me as I step into the COURT to play the game of BADMINTON. Allow me to have a good GRIP of the racket I will hold and the game I will play. Guide my every STEP as I move to cover every SHOT. Help me to deliver the best SERVICE to my fellowmen. Be it SHORT, LONG or even just a FLICK of a second. Give me the strength to CLEAR the way to reach greater heights. The power to SMASH all barriers that try to block the way to success. Grant that I may have the courage to RECEIVE the blows that may come my way. Increase my desire to DRIVE forward despite some failures. Let me not DROP my guard and become complacent because of little victories. Instead give me the speed to rush forward to NET greater results and go for the KILL to score. Not just in the game of BADMINTON, but more importantly in the real game of LIFE. Make every victory a reminder of bigger and stronger challenges ahead. Let every defeat become a learning experience that there is more to learn to become better and that I can also savor the joy of winning if I work hard to improve my game. Help me to understand that the person on the other side of the net is not just an opponent that I have to beat but a partner that will bring out my best in the contest. Finally, help me Lord to learn not just the lessons of the game but more importantly, the lessons of life that I may become an excellent badminton player, but more significantly a better person in life. Amen.

::this prayer is cool! i found it in the net. [i forgot the site..] i didn't know that there's also a prayer for badmin players. by the way, this is also dedicated to ESS badmin varsity '06! yeah! rock on guys!::

**ESS shuttle strikers badminton varsity 05-06** [watda name?!?]

::maita bernardo [4th yr.]::
::vren caube [4th yr.]::
::aizel dalawampu [4th yr]::
::nadine torcedo [2nd yr.]::
::dale villaceran [1st yr.]::

::sid bautista [3rd yr.]::
::ennison ducanes [3rd yr.]::
::nikko huelgas [2nd yr.]::
::jharel legaspi [2nd yr.]::
::jeric martinez [1st yr.]::

-=wala lang.. just had the mood to write these names.. ciao! (^^)=-

rainy saturday..

yesterday was really rainy when the 3 sections of 4th year went to golden acres in quezon city. [that's far men!] well, our GK turned out to be okay, the rain just ruined our clothes. [most of us were wet..] we had fun with the grandmas and granpas there. some of them were friendly, while some preferred to be quiet. i felt a bit sad because they should be on their homes, sitting with their children and grandchildren. But they ended up there. well, that's reality. anyway, we gave them food then had a short program. it's really good because they participated in the said activity. at 12 noon, we said our goodbyes there, some of us were teary-eyed because they felt close to them even for just a short while.

around 1:45 pm we arrived at blue wave to buy some food [we were all hungry!]. after a while, the bus hit the road then we arrived at last in seton.

we practiced our play [for homeroon in tuesday] in front of FBA. [seniors watch out for it!] then i went to the faculty to fetch ms. boots to watch the basketball game between seton and sts [st. therese school] in the gym. sadly, seton lost. that was their decision game whether they will go to semi-finals or not. we were disappointed to them [a bit] coz they made so many errors, most of those were minimal.

hai.. what a day.. and it's monday tomorrow.. another day of cramming for the exam.. ciao! (^^)

Friday, September 23, 2005

cramming time.. [for us seniors!]

hai.. finally my trangkaso is gone.. but it doesn't mean i can relax or whatever.. we're so full of deadlines! so much pressure.. 4th year life is stressful. a lot of things to do. projects, presentations, yearbook, college entrance exams.. whew! they're really killing us with these deadlines. 2nd quarter exam is getting nearer! [october 5-7] well, my only problem is physics. i like the teacher and the subject, but.. well, physics is really hard. 90% computation 10% analysis. hai.. i hope what i'm doing today is worth it in the end.

anyway, nothing really happened these past few days in school. ccp's over so everything's back to normal. well, dr. suarez said that the ccp performance was superb so she gave the performers a free holiday and outing, same with all the teachers. congratulations to all of us! go seton!

hafta go.. we have gk [gawad kalinga] tomorrow! we're going to quezon city, at home for the aged.. uh-oh.. i hope we'll come out alive.. haha! kidding.. ciao! (^^)